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Professional Grinding - The best place for Tools, Machinery, Service and Pricing

Professional Grinding is the one-stop-shop for the most demanding woodworkers and metalworkers in Canada. We serve DIYers, contractors, commercial shops, schools and anyone seeking top-quality tools and equipment. We have a long-standing history of providing sharpening services for all kinds of saw blades and bits needed to keep your tools or business running smoothly.  Our focus on delivering exceptional customer service and competitive prices has made us the go-to choice for those seeking the finest tools and product support. We carry industry-leading brands like Wera, Metabo HPT, King Canada, Oliver Machinery, Rikon, Festool, SawStop, Knipex, Kreg, Bosch, and more.

Whether you require hand tools or power tools, Professional Grinding offers a vast range of options. From wrenches and pliers to screwdrivers and hammers, our hand tools are dependable and priced right. We stand behind every tool we sell and offer the right tool for any job, whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast.

If you are looking for power tools, Professional Grinding has you covered with a vast range of options from the industry's top brands. From drills and saws to sanders and more, we provide the best power tools for both home workshops and professional use.

Not only do we offer hand and power tools, but Professional Grinding is also a leading provider of woodworking and metalworking machinery. Our selection of lathes, milling machines, table saws, jointers, and more are designed to deliver outstanding performance from the most trusted names in the industry.  Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, we have the machinery you need to complete your project with quality results and dependable equipment.

At Professional Grinding, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing quick and easy access to our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Contact us via phone or email to discuss various shipping options, acquire items or pricing not listed on our website, and receive the expert support you need.

Don't settle for second best. Contact Professional Grinding today and take advantage of our commitment to providing the best customer service and prices in Canada. Let us help you find the perfect tools and machinery for your project.