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Model 10-326DVR: 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw with Smart Motor DVR Control

14″ Deluxe Bandsaw #10-326DVR has all of the 10-326 features with an added benefit! By adding Striatech’s smart switched reluctance motor, RIKON’s 14” bandsaw #10-326 is better than ever before. Unlike conventional bandsaw motors, the Striatech motor is infinitely variable, and offers continuous torque. This means you get a consistent and beautiful finish cut on your workpiece, and a much easier user experience. Improved energy efficiency and quiet, vibration-free operation are added bonuses when upgrading your bandsaw with this new high-tech and innovative motor control system. With an easy-to-read screen and DVR controller, this technology adds much-needed features to the bandsaw.

  • Blade Speed – Variable from 100 RPM (45 SFPM) to 2,375 RPM (4400 SFPM)
  • Continuous Torque – 1.75 HP will never slow down producing a beautiful/smooth cut
  • Safer Operation – Fast electronic braking and load spike detection
  • Patented – Spring Loaded Tool-less Guide System
  • Effortless Cutting – Fifteen suggested speed settings for wood/metal/plastic plus one custom range